Studio Legale Associato Ticozzi, Sicchiero, Dalla Valle, Zampieron was established in 1991 and it has emerged as one of the largest law firm in Venice. Its location at the centre of the Region, between Venice, Treviso and Padua allows the firm to guarantee a strong connection with the territory.
We offer wide-ranging legal services, and we aim to provide our clients – both private and corporate - with the highest standard of legal consultancy.
Our firm operates on a departmental basis, covering nearly all aspects of legal practice. The legal assistance we provide is inspired by ethics - the pursuit of justice; equity – our work is properly valued; utility - our job is to solve client’s problems.
This website provides true and correct information about the firm, respecting client’s privacy and confidentialy.
Our offices are located in Venice-Mestre, Treviso and Rome.
Member of: A-I Avvocati Associati in Italia Network Legale.
Responsible according to art. 17bis deontological code is avv. Ugo Ticozzi
Ticosoci - Codice Deontologico degli Avvocati Italiani
The Associated Legal Firm Ticozzi, Sicchiero, Vianello, Dalla Valle and Zampieron
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